Return to School Plan

Dear HSA Twin Cities Families, Staff and Community,

During the week of July 27, as many of you know, Governor Walz will be announcing his plans for Minnesota schools. The three possible options are:

  1. Returning to the classroom for in-person learning
  2. Hybrid Learning( A combination of both in-person and online learning)
  3. Distance learning(Online Learning)

The HSATC leadership has been diligently weighing its options in the best interest of students, families, staff, and community. At this point, we believe that offering the recommended “Hybrid Learning for all Students” is our best option. Based on the feedback and survey results from the families, below is our “Return to School Plan”. We will continue to update the pages as more details are available for our families and community.

Within our Hybrid Learning Model, we will provide both in-person and online learning opportunities for our students.

Hybrid Learning Overview

Students will learn at school with social distancing in place as much as possible.

  • Students will learn through a combination of distance learning at home and in-person learning at school
  • School buildings will be limited to 50% capacity
  • Bus transportation will be limited to 50% capacity
  • Social distancing of six feet at all times
  • Students and staff will wear masks per the state’s guideline
  • Face covering policy and guidelines for students/staff
  • Personal protective equipment for students/staff will be provided
  • Routines for hygiene education and practices
  • Daily cleaning as usual, with frequent cleaning for high touch surfaces during the day (shared responsibility)
  • COVID-19 program coordinator at each school
  • Limit nonessential visitors
  • Discontinue large gatherings that do not allow for social distancing
  • Monitor for illness and exclude those with symptoms

Online Learning Overview

Students will learn at home through an online learning platform (Google Classroom Mainframe) with instruction that is consistent with learning prior to COVID-19.

  • Instruction will be consistent with learning prior to COVID-19
  • Grades and cumulative grade points averages (GPA) will apply
  • Daily attendance is required
  • There will be “Seat Times” for students to attend for instructional purposes in our “Synchronous Learning Plan”
  • Students will complete their assignments during the day individually
  • Daily teacher check-ins via Google Meet
  • Online focus days during the week on either Wednesdays or Fridays(Depends on the implemented Hybrid Learning Plan options)
  • “Virtual Recess” times for students to socialize with their peers in a teacher-supervised setting

Students will learn at home and complete assignments in one of the following ways:

  • Remote Learning: Learning activities are posted in Google Classrooms or maybe an extension of in-person learning. Students will check and complete assignments and interact with teachers on their own schedule.
  • Real-Time Learning: Students may be asked to log in at a specific time to interact with their teacher and classmates through a live video platform. Students who cannot participate in a schedule will not be penalized as long as they complete their assignments.

Open houses & the first week of school

To help keep our teachers and families safe, we will be reformatting our traditional open houses. There will be an in-person day and virtual day and parents will have the option to choose how they want to attend the open houses to meet their teachers as well as taking their instructional supplies if they opted in for fully online learning. Please call our office to reserve a time spot to meet with teachers on Thursday(virtual)  or Friday(in-person). We will limit number of people in the building during the open house day and ask the families to wait in their cars if they arrive earlier.

Thank you

We are aware of how challenging it is for our families as it is very challenging for schools. We want to thank you for your support, constructive feedback during the summer, and understanding as we navigate these unprecedented times. We believe that teamwork and dedication of our teachers at HSATC will be our assets

Over the next few weeks, we will regularly update our website with information as it is finalized. I will also send regular emails so that you are all well informed when it comes to your child’s education in the 2020-21 school year.

We hope you enjoy the last few days of summer break and we look forward to the new school year.


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