MMSA on the news!!

It’s no wonder American classrooms are becoming more diverse.Through a partnership with MCTC, MMSA staff voluntarily decided to take an evening Somali class in order to learn a bit about the culture and language of some of our students. Please read more about the program on the article linked HERE!

Concept Schools Art and Language Contest

On Wednesday, March 8th, three of our 6th graders traveled to Chicago to represent our school in Concept schools Art & Language contest. The contest is designed for students to showcase their abilities in singing, poetry, and Turkish and Spanish dance. Even though we didn’t have a Turkish or Spanish class, our students did an […]

Student Recognition Ceremony

School wide student recognition ceremony was held on February 10th .At MMSA, We celebrate our students regularly for academics and good behavior. Students gathered in the cafeteria in groups. We were honored to have Dr. Louis Porter , II,  the executive director of council for Minnesotans of African heritage share his inspiring educational journey with our […]

Field Trip to the Neighborhood Care Center

                           Middle school students made a visit to New Harmony Care Center  on Monday February 29th. According to Ms. Moeller, one of the accompanying teachers, “The students were engaged, patient, joyful, respectful, and just plain wonderful! Both the residents and the staff were impressed by our […]

Mr. Nguyen’s Visit

On Tuesday January 26 2016, professional visual artist , Tom Nguyen visited 3rd through 5th grade students . He talked with students about how he became a comic book artist. He described the process of getting the story first from the writers and then drawing each part of the comic book page. He took requests from students to draw Marvel and DC comic […]

Visit to Council-Member Amy Brendmoen

On January 7th 2016,two of our kindergarten students, Aurora Sandoval and Osman Mohamed payed council-member Amy Brendmoen a visit. They thanked  her on behalf of the entire Kindergarten students for coming to read to them back in October 2015.  The students were accompanied by Principal Oguz and Ms. Amal, the community outreach coordinator. While there, […]

Sixth Grade Parents Breakfast

Sixth Grade Parents Breakfasts On Tuesday January 26th 2016, we invited our sixth grade parents for breakfast as part of our monthly parent engagement activities. Mr Sharif, a parent, who also happens to be a community leader gave a brief speech. He shared some of his experiences and struggles with the parents . He also shared […]

2015-16 Board Meetings

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2014-15 Board Meetings

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Council-member Amy Brendmoen Reads to MMSA Kindergartners

Ward 5 Council-member Amy Brendmoen reading to our Kindergartners on October 24th 2015. We very much  thank our  Council-member for taking some time out of her busy schedule to visit to inspire our little scholars.