Press Releases


Dear MN School of Science (MSS) parents, students and community members,

My name is Mr. Hasan Kose, and I am the Direc-tor of Minnesota School of Science (MSS). Be-fore coming to Minneapolis in March 2011, I was the founding director of the Noble Academy in Cleveland, Ohio. Noble Acade-my Cleveland became an “Excellent with Distinction” school in its fourth year under my direction, and was the first and only start-up charter school in Ohio to receive such a distinction then. I believe the phi-losophy of “No Child Left Behind”, so our students’ scoring 100 in the 6th, 7th and 8th grade state tests in reading and math has a special importance for me. Noble Academy has a similar student profile to MSS, and similar demographics of the sur-rounding neighborhood; therefore, I be-lieve we can reach the same success at MSS.

Our school, MSS is managed by Concept Schools, a non-profit organization that manages 27 schools in 7 states in the Midwest. All of the knowledge Concept Schools gained in running the other schools supports MSS. MSS is the first Concept School in Minnesota, and because of this, we have to be the best of all those 27 sister schools!

Minnesota School of Science is a science and math focused, college preparatory school. With this as our foun-dation, we must have high expectations to match our goals. The importance of homework cannot be stated enough. Since doing a good amount of daily homework helps us close the achievement gap, MSS students will have homework daily, even on weekends and over breaks. This may be a change for the student, and you, but it is crucial that students complete their homework so that they may support the learning they do at school.

I believe in the importance of cooperation be-tween our schooI and the families, so it is important to be on the same page for both parties. Since I refuse to lower my own expectations, I am kindly asking you to raise your expectations for your student. I will only be satisfied if 100% of our students pass the state tests and 100% of our students attend the top colleges and universities in the nation. I ask that you help your student by supporting me, as well as the entire MSS team, by making yourself availa-ble whenever needed besides helping your student at home and making sure that s/he comes to school with a completed homework, every day on time, prepared. Parental involvement is a crucial part of success at our school. In order to establish a strong bridge between the school and the families, home visits play an important role for all of us. Our teach-ers will be contacting you to schedule home visits soon. Please choose the time that is best for you and your family. The goal of these visits is getting to better know your family and student on a per-sonal level. My personal goal is to visit every student in the school before the end of the second quarter. If you support the school and our staff regarding discipline, homework, and the uniform policy, I will be able to spend more time improving the quality of educa-tion your student receives at our school. I would like to have a wind turbine and solar panel at the school. Be-sides, we will have great scholars from the universities as well as scientists and researchers. They will visit the school, meet and talk to our students, make some re-searches with them, and encourage them to reach their maximum potentials. To do this, we must have your help and support to have a disciplined and structured learning environment at the school so that I can find the time and relief of mind to work on those projects. On behalf of our sponsor, Minneapolis Public Schools, I would like to thank Superintendent Johnson for her continued support of Minnesota School of Science. We would not be where we are without Dr. Johnson’s and her team’s support since we got the approval for our charter. I also thank Concept Schools, our management company, for helping us get our school organized and heading towards the great success that other Concept Schools have already seen. To the families and community members who have joined us in our journey: thank you! Your support is crucial to the success of our school. We look forward to continu-ing to work with you. We have started our field trips, with the first being a reward trip to a nearby farm with our homework champions. Our teachers are planning an overnight camp for later this fall, which will be a reward for those students who have done their best work and followed the rules of the school. Thank you to everyone who has been in-volved in Minnesota School of Science from its in-ception. We could not have made it this far without your support!


Mr. Kose

Our School Board:

Murat Ergen, President

Dr. Rosilyn Carroll, Vice President

Dr. Gene Scapanski, Board Member

Dr. John Sailors, Board Member

Loan Huynh , Board Member

Dr. Ozer Asdemir, Treasurer

Mustafa Igdelioglu, Board Member

Lorraine Smaller, Board Member

Ahmet Akyol, Secretary