Posted on June 15, 2012

I chose to send my son to MSS because of their academic programs, strong principal & excellent teachers. My son has loved science since birth. I decided to send him to Minnesota School of Science because I knew he would be challenged and encouraged to continue in science, math and technology. I love how the teachers & parents are encouraged to work together, so that not one child gets left behind. The principal & teachers go beyond what is expected. For example…. teachers with their families meet students and their family at various activities. It brings us all together. I am very proud of my son s accomplishments and the teachers/principal at Minnesota School of Science. (Submitted by a parent)


Posted on June 16, 2012

Minnesota School of Science is like a breath of fresh air. The school is completely organized and student-centered. Teamwork is huge between staff and students. Minnesota School of Science really is one big family! (Submitted by a parent)


Posted on June 16, 2012

I am a proud parent of three children who currently attend Minnesota School of Science.   MSS has been a great experience for us.  The teachers are very understanding and helpful with student. They understand that each student learns differently, and each day several tutoring sessions are held to give students the extra help they need.  There are also many after school clubs held that allow students to become involved in things that interest them.  Students are also given the opportunity to visit many places that are not traditionally offered in public school.  This is only the first year we have been with MSS and we look forward to many more years to come.  Thanks MSS for giving extra support to the students and showing them that you care. (Submitted by a parent)


Posted on June 15, 2012

This school teaches you more than what regular schools teach you. You not only learn academics, you also learn about culture, yourself, you learn about the future really.( Submitted by a student)


Posted on June 16, 2012

“This school has good discipline and on the other hand the school isreally”cool”and fun!!”

“I love the incentives the school has to motivate the kids to do well in all theirclasses and how they make it fun for them to learn”

“They have high academic goals and reward the children for their achievements”

“My child is challenged with the class work and this makes the learning processinterested”

“It helps my child in many ways and there are advanced with grades and teachkids and show them a lot. Very respectful and get conference with teachers”

“MSS is a great school. We’re from Chicago and my child grade have nearlyimproved since being in this school”

“My child is challenged with the class work and they like this it keeps the work interested”

“It is challenging for him and teachers are positive. He has opportunities here thathe has not had at other school. The teachers push him to do well academicallyand socially.”

“The level of the organization from the very firs day school was in session, from day one not after several weeks have past. Also my son improved two gradelevels in reading prior to the end of the year”

“It teaches the children how to achieve higher goals and to feel good about theirachievements and not giving up but to try their best what ever they put theirfocus on”

“Provides challenge, academic works, also make school a fun learning environment.”

“The interaction with teacher and student, especially the dean, keep doing whatyou are doing because I see great things in my children.”

“The fact that the students are being challenged in various ways is very good and rewarding”

“I like uniforms, the teachers are great, communication with my sons teacher isamazing, the progress with my sons education”

“They take time to address each childs problem separately”

“I think that MSS offers a great curriculum and it challenges my son to excel.”

“I like the fact that students are held accountable for their work and theirbehaviors.”

“I like that the teachers are concerned about their student’s performance. Theydon’t come across as this is just a job for them. They actually care. And thatmakes a big difference in the atmosphere of the school.”

“I like that the school is preparing kids for what is next, be it in life, technology ortheir next level of schooling.”

“The Homework – I agree with the principle belief that hard work pays off. Kidshave become too pampered and lazy. Also, it gives me time to work with mychild and view what she is learning, how things are going and her concerns, on adaily basis.”

“I love the fact that my son is challenged academically. He was not getting that inhis assigned district school. MSS identified this and keeps him motivated and builds his confidence. He would not have had the opportunites that he has had(clubs, techno team) in his regular school. He loves it. He is also in a smallerclassroom which benefits everyone! The teachers can do their jobs better, thestudents are not just a name and a number. I love this school and DOrecommend it to all my friends that are frustrated with the education (or lackthere of) that their kids are receiving.”